L-CO₂Storage Tank
L-CO₂Storage Tank
Cryogenic Storage
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Cryogenic Tank Lorry
Digital Level meter
Cryogenic Globe
Digital Level meter

- Type : Differential Pressure Digital Level Meter
- Model : BY-LM-2
- Media criteria : L-CO₂, L-N₂, L-O₂, L-Ar
- Column Height : 0 ~ 20,000
- Operating Pressure : 0 ~ 3.5MPa
- Material Temperature Range : -196℃ ~ 40℃
- Voltage : 220Volt(Battery: 12Volt)
- Size : 200*150*100mm
- LCD Size : 115*65mm
- Connection : DIN 43650
- Communication : 485 CABLE, WIFI
- Printing Method : Serial Thermal Transfer printing



Displays the usage liquid status and it can be used as storage tank and tank lorry attachment and portable measurement.
Display by actual hours, minutes, seconds.

▲ Weight Measurement Function: By Hours, minutes and seconds unit, Display the status of the usage of liquid gas and it can be used
    being installed on storage tank or tank lorry and can be carried as a portable measuring instrument.
▲ PC Monitoring Function: As the remained liquid goes below 10% of its capacity, it automatically alarms to supplement liquid gas.
    Thus, the appropriate time for supplement of liquid gas can be decided on time.
▲ Alarm Function: the liquid remaining of the storage tank is less than 10%, The alarm sound provides information that you can
    setting the a liquid supply time.
▲ Diversity Of Power Supply: Use the usual 220volt electric, in case of power outage, the built-in battery will supply the charged
    electricity, in addition built-in battery is operated and available for tank lorry using the car battery.

※ Option (Printer : additional purchase): Receipt Output Function; Portable thermal transfer printer can use the output value measuring
    of storage tank and tank lorry without visiting a long measuring place directly by the output as a receipt.