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Digital Liquid Meters
Model BY-LM-2
Media Criteria L-CO₂, L-N₂, L-O₂, L-Ar
Column Height 0 ~ 20,000
Operating Pressure 0 ~ 3.5MPa
Material Temperature Range -196˚C ~ 40˚C
Voltage 220Volt [Battery : 12Volt]
Size 200 x 150 x 100mm
LCD Size 115 x 65mm
Connection DIN 43650
Communication 485 CABLE, WIFI
Printing Method Serial Thermal Transfer printing
Main Uses and Applications

Indicates gas remaining amount (%), differential pressure, remaining volume (L) and mass (kg) in a liquefied gas storage tank

Description of Product Functions & Features

Indicates liquid usage status as measurable by time (seconds, minutes, and hours) of the day

Possible to set the liquid supply timing in which an alarm rings to indicate the tA communication function on PC enables to monitor the current liquid level in a storage tank in real time without existing on-site check, and to print a receipt using a portable thermal transfer printer.

In normal use, the battery is charged with 220 volt electricity, and in case of power failure, a built-in battery can be used. A vehicle battery can be used for a tank lorry.

Possible to print and use a meter value in a storage tank or a tank lorry as a receipt using a portable thermal transfer printer without visiting to a remote weighhouse

Quality Certifications and Patents

Patent registration (Remaining liquid amount meter)

Patent application (A method to measure a liquid level of a cryogenic storage tank of liquefied gas using differential pressure and its apparatus)

Program registration certificate (Digital liquid meter program)

Program registration certificate (Digital liquid meter program [BY-LM-2])

Design application (Digital instruments)