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Buyoung CST, which leads the world, is shaping a better future.

We, Buyoung CTS, founded in 1999 as Buyoung Gas Tech., are expanding our product lines into comprehensive compressed gas storage tanks, including compressed gas tank lorries and cryogenic storage tanks which are high value-added items from the past focused on compressed gas storage tanks and vaporizers.

We are one of leading manufacturers and suppliers of compressed gas storage tanks in the world. We are recognized as the best technology company in the field of cryogenic storage tanks. We are working on the development of a leakage preventer of a coil-typed vaporizer, a liquefied gas vaporizer using waste heat from cooling water, a cryogenic globe valve, and a differential pressure digital liquid meter.

We concentrates all our capabilities in producing cryogenic storage tanks and diversifying compressed gas-related products based on a quality system of supplementary services as well as a review on international credibility for our products through a systematic quality control: ISO9001 certificate, a venture company, and INNO-BIZ.